Due to the Coronavirus measures put in place by the Government there will be no Face to Face scouting activities. Leaders will contact parents and carers with more info as it becomes available.
We are a scout group based in Horsham, West Sussex that provide scouting to around 200 young people providing them with useful skills and practical experiences that will be remembered for life. We are just a part of a large family of scouts in the Horsham District where we are proud help our young people develop and do their best.
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Beavers logo
6 - 8 year olds
Tuesday 1730 -1845
Thursday 1730 -1845
Beaver challenge badges
cubs logo
8 - 10½ year olds
Monday 1900 - 2030
Wednesday 1900 - 2030
cubs challenge badges
scouts logo
10½ - 14 year olds
Tuesday 1915- 2115
Thursday 1915- 2115
scout challenge badges
explorers logo
14 - 18 year olds
Wednesday 1930 - 2130
Google maps location of SLF HQ
Finding us shouldn't feel like a test so here's a map to help you find us. If you need help with a compass we know someone you can talk to! We have a small car park at the back of the building accessed by Glendale Close.
Scouting is a youth led organisation. We involve the scouts in determining the programme and in leading some of the activities. Different units will undertake this involvement in different ways. There are pack forums where the scouts can directly input to the unit leaders, there are also opportunities to lead activities as part of the badge work.

The Campsite

From time to time meetings or camps will be held at 'the campsite'. This refers to the district campsite which is located at Beacon Hill near Colgate. This facility has camping space for all the Horsham Scout Groups. A small car park is situated at the entrance.  There is a bulding onsite that is called Gummies and is usually used as a point of reference for meeting at the campsite.

Whilst the site itself is wheelchair accessible (noting that this is a field and woodland site), it should be noted that the bathroom faciltiies at this time are not designed for those in a wheelchair.

Uniform Badge Placement

The uniform is a jumper for Beavers and Cubs, and shirts for Scouts and Explorers. The group has blue crew t-shirts and polos that can be worn under jumpers or as an alternative to shirts. Unless advised otherwise the scouts (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) should wear the section uniform top with navy blue activity trousers/shorts.  Badges awarded to the Scouts by section leaders are put on their main uniform.  There are some occasional and special badges that are worn for a short period of time or may be added to a camp blanket as a memory if they have one.


Beavers Right Arm
Beavers Body
Beavers Left Arm


Cubs Right Arm
Cubs Body
Cubs Left Arm


Scouts Right Arm
Scouts Body
Scouts Left Arm

Contact information

Join our waiting list

Register your interest to join the waiting list at 1st St Leonards Forest by completing the information on the form below. Our membership secretary will get in touch with you.
All data that is submitted is managed in alignment to current GDPR and Data Protection Legislation. For more information on this please request information from our group Executive using the email address Chairman@1SLFscouts.co.uk
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Adult roles within the group

Not all help is needed in positions that are directly working with the young people. The information on our Group Info tab will let you know how we are structured. If you want to enquire about how you can help us, use this form and know we are grateful for time given up by our volunteers.
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Need management attention?

‍If you want to get in touch with the group leadership please email one of the following two people:
Group Scout Leader - oversees the running of all the units in the group. Get in touch if you have a query or comment on the running of the scout meetings.
Executive Chairman - the group is a charity and is overseen by the Group Executive. The chairman can be contacted about any group wide queries or comments you may have.

Group Information

Our Headquarters

We are lucky to have a great HQ for our group. There's plenty of space and equipment to support the programme each term. The programmes are sent out by the leaders. They may email, post on their facebook page or hand them out at the start of term. The programme will let you know what activities are planned for each week.

Working on the building

If you need to gain access to the building for works then contact the Group Scout Leader to make arrangements.

If you are working on building you should check to ensure that they are not any related hazzards that may have an impact on the work. If in any doubt please ask the person engaging you to be sure.

Group Structure

1st St Leonards Forest Scout Group
Amberley Rd, Horsham RH12 4LJ
Charity Registered in the UK: 274365